Bike tour to Playa Carrillo

Costa Rica is known as the most bicycle-friendly country in Latin America. Coming from the most bicycle-friendly area of Germany, of course I had to try! My plan: Going from Hotel Paraíso del Cocodrilo to Playa Carrillo. Here’s the report about my bicycle tour in Costa Rica.

At 8:30 am by mountain bike is ready to go and so am I: a thick layer of sunscreen and lots of water and a beach towel in my rucksack. Here I go, starting over the bumpy and stony track, surrounded by Costa Rican nature. Such road conditions I am not used to, living in a very flat part of Germany, close to the border to the Netherlands. It is dry season and the roads are dusty. Every car passing by is swirling up the dust in my face. I also have to cross a small river, which is absolutely no problem. The water being very low at this time of the year, I can easily push my bike through the river. After approximately 40 minutes I arrive in Sámara, a touristic town situated around 6 kilometers from the hotel.

From Sámara to Carrillo I have another 7 kilometers to go. Surprisingly, the street is completely asphalted. Over a road full of bends and with some slopes the way leads to the dream beach of Carrillo. On the way, you pass a lot of hotels, so-called Cabinas (small bungalows) and apartments for rent. Approaching Carrillo, you have a wonderful view of the bay: white sand beach lined by deep green palm trees and the azure blue Pacific Ocean in the background. The real highlight of my day I experience even before entering the beach. Just before Carrillo, I see a sign saying: “Beware crocodiles” at a bridge above a small river. For me, this was more of an invitation than a warning! Since I have been in Costa Rica, which has been two months now, I haven’t seen a single croco and I was a bit disappointed about that. The happier I was when I discovered two specimens of those reptiles! The approximately two and a half meters long animals swam around in the river and so I was able to take some pictures.

Then I went to see the small village of Carrillo, which honestly isn’t very special: a few hotels and a hand full of super markets and that’s it. My advice: If you enjoy reading on the beach, get yourself some magazines in Sámara before going to Carrillo, because there you won’t find anything. But the beach of Carrillo is definitely worth a day tour! The wonderfully curved bay invites you to relax for a while. For the ones with some physical condition, you can take a few steps up leading to a nice viewing point, where you can take some souvenir photos. And afterwards have some rest at the beach. As at most of the Pacific coast beaches of Guanacaste, you should be careful as the currents can be strong.

After a long siesta here I go back in the saddle, via Sámara back to the hotel. My conclusion: A mountain bike tour in Costa Rica is definitely to be recommended to everyone! It is an ideal manner to discover the landscape from another point of view. Other than by bus or car, you can easily stop and take some pictures wherever you want. And by the way, you do something for your physical fitness! However, you should not over-exert yourself and you should avoid cycling around noon when the sun is burning hot. Very important: Take a lot of water and sunscreen with you! Have fun!

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At our hotel you can also rent mountain bikes for your individual tour!

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