Mountain Biking In Costa Rica, Guanacaste

Definitely, an adventure you will not forget soon!

Imagine this: In the morning, a bunch of howler monkeys, who sit in a tree 10 meters away from your apartment, wakes you.

Breakfast with hummingbirds

Kolibri am HotelThen, at the breakfast, hummingbirds are buzzing around you while 50 meters further crocodiles are sun bathing on a sand bank of the lagoon. Macaws and many other parrot species are flying above your head. If this idea becomes reality, then you are not in a dream, but in the Costa Rica Sámara hotel Paraiso del Cocodrilo on the beach of Buena Vista. In a natural paradise in Costa Rica, which is located on the peninsula Nicoya.

Mountain biking around the region Samara

The region Samara is regarded as particularly suitable for mountain biking and mountain biking competitions, such as the Tour de Conquistadores which often ends in Samara. Even smaller races have their starting point here. The attractions are probably, on one side the pristine beaches of the Pacific Ocean, as on the other side the hills and valleys in this area.


Mountain bike rental in the Costa Rica hotel Paraiso del CocodriloWasser Mountainbike

Here at the hotel you can rent mountain bikes at any time, with which you can explore the area on your own. Popular destinations include the waterfalls or the coffee plantations in the local mountains. Here you can get in a height of about 800 meters and you will have a great view over the countryside. Even mild areas of terrain are available for you. Drive along the Pacific Ocean, on turtle beaches and discover the many nature reserves. Usually it makes sense to start with small tours, because the climate in Costa Rica and in the province of Guanacaste should not be underestimated.

Other sporting activities

For people who want to try also other sporting activities, we are offering canoeing and horseback riding. Those who want to relax at our turtle beach Buena Vista or at the white sandy beach of Barrigona, can also try surfing. There are also trips to the volcano, to the crocodiles at Rio Tempisque, boat trips to the dolphins, and more.

Mountainbiking am Strand